Add A Location

Add Location

To add one or more locations to your organization, click on the left navigation bar on ‘Settings‘.
You will automatically land in the Location Pages overview. To add another location now, click on the blue button ‘Add Location‘ in the upper right corner.

Enter Location Details

Define a name for your Location here so that you can recognize this location at the end by this unique name.

Adress Line One
Enter here the street name and house number of your location.

Adress Line Two (Optional)
Enter here any additional address informations, like floor stage.

Postal Code
Enter the postal code of your location here.

Enter here the name of the city where your location is located.

Province (Optional)
Enter here the province where your location is located.

Select the country here, where your location is located.

Is Active
Here you decide whether the location you want to create is an active location of your organization, or an inactive one. For more information, see the article Activate/Deactivate Locations.

Save New Location

Once you have entered the data for your new location, you only need to click on the ‘Save’ button at the top right to create this new location. Eventgrated will send a success message that the new location has been successfully created and you will be automatically redirected to the locations overview page.